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The Property Log Book (PLB) is used by home builders, solicitors, local authorities and social landlords improving access to property information.  The PLB provides a comprehensive record of what has taken place at a property at time of build, renovation or improvement to help owners and tenants better understand and manage their home.

Property Log Book

The PLB is a secure online tool enabling people to manage information about a home and share this as and when required.  The PLB is a tool to manage information and content useful for future sales, for insurance purposes, managing energy performance, maintenance and remodelling. The PLB is a paid for service but we do not sell or try to make money from your information.  It’s like the ‘golden thread of information’ about a property.

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Energy Log Book


The Energy Log Book (ELB) will monitor and manage your home water and energy usage and provide a lifelong record enabling future comparative analysis of utilities usage.

The ELB was used by Scottish Water on their two largest water and energy efficiency projects.  Energy readings must be put into context of the property’s age, type, condition, household structure and costs to be useful.  With a PLB, which can store all this data, this will enable you to manage and change your energy usage appropriately saving energy, money and the environment.

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